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Finely made creations at Realized Studio can last long as family heirlooms if they are properly cared. However, dust, pollution and daily wearing sure conspire to cloud the brilliance of gemstones, and make surface of gold, platinum and silver items become dulled.

Here you will find some basic knowledge to the materials we used in our jewelry and art products along with some advises on methods of caring and handling. We make our products with passion and love and treat them like our own children. With our appreciation to your collecting, we are honored to hand over our creations in your care.

日常使用及保養建議 | General Care



  • 配戴珠寶應是穿搭的最後一步,以及卸妝的第一步。如需使用香水,請於噴灑香水後再配戴珠寶首飾,避免香水沾染到珠寶,尤其是珍珠等寶石。
  • 胸針配戴確認長針正確地緊繫於服飾上,安全扣的位置是否正確栓上。注意服飾布料厚度足夠支撐胸針重量。
  • 留心避免碰撞、摩擦或高處掉落珠寶會造成首飾的損毀,造成裂痕或刮傷。
  • 請避免配戴珠寶洗澡,淋浴,泡溫泉等活動。
  • 基本清潔為使用柔軟的布料沾水,輕輕擦拭珠寶。收進珠寶盒前確認乾燥。
  • 注意鑲有珍珠和珊瑚之作品不得使用清潔劑。利用軟刷配合中性肥皂水即可有效清除配戴時沾到的體脂。
  • 謹慎使用 市售家用的超音波清潔器具,鑲有祖母綠的作品絕對不能用超音波清潔。
  • 建議定期到專業珠寶店做完善的清潔保養及美容。
  • 為避免珠寶互相摩擦碰撞,所有珠寶首飾應個別收納,如有分隔的珠寶盒或軟部珠寶袋等。珠寶直接互相碰撞可能會造成寶石損傷,或金屬表面刮傷等。

General Guideline


  • The jewelry should be the last you put on and the first to take off. Always wear jewelry after spraying perfumes, if using perfume is necessary.
  • Check if the pin of a brooch is properly fastened onto a dress or a coat. The pin gap to close securely. Make sure the fabric is endurable enough to hold the brooch.
  • Crack or scratch may occur to your collection with unconsciously crashing, rubbing, or falling of a piece of jewelry. Such situation should be avoided, as the gemstones are quite fragile.
  • Wearing jewelry while bathing, showering, or swimming is not advisable.


  • The most basic method of cleaning is gently wiping the jewelry with soft and clean cloth that can be slightly damp with warm water. The jewelry should be wiped dry completely before stored in a box or cloth bags.
  • Detergents is not advised to clean your jewelry with pearls or corals. Warm water with mild soap is enough to wash off body oil and cosmetics pollution occurred when wearing. A soft bristle toothbrush would be helpful during the cleaning process.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine is not advised in some cases, especially with dilicate gems, such as emeralds, that will not endure the high frequency vibration of the ultrasonic might cause the gems crack.
  • It is recommended to bring your jewelry to a professional for cleaning at least once a year.


  • All jewelry should be stored separately in boxes with divided cells or cloth bags to prevent rubbing of each other. Direct contacts of the gems and metal will leave scratches or cracks on either or both due to different hardness.

作品材質 | Materials

鉑金 & 黃金 | Platinum & Gold

925純銀 | Sterling Silver

天然寶石 | Natural Gems

珍珠 | Pearls

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