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E.YJ Chen | RealizedStudio Illustration

雪花冰藍 珠寶設計繪圖插畫 明信片/萬用卡/祝福卡 -質感卡片收藏

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NT$ 35.00
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NT$ 35.00
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NT$ 35.00


紅色寶石五角花朵 / 綠色寶石四葉草 / 紫色寶石三瓣百合 /  藍色寶石六芒雪花

** 現收藏瑞萊夢臻實體珠寶作品,即贈此系列明信片一套(四款各一,含信封和貼紙),贈/售完為止。**



• 紙材:頂級象牙卡310g
• 尺寸:105 x 148 mm (A6)
• 印刷:雙面印刷

• 信封加購選項:
- 牛皮紙素色西式信封
- 紅色厚磅素色西式信封
- 珠光金色厚卡西式信封


Red gem pentagonal flower / Green gem four-leaf clover / Purple gem trillium lily / Blue gem hexagon snowflake

** Free gift set of postcards from the Jewelry Design Illustration series (one for each of the four styles, including envelopes and seal stickers) will be sent along with any purchase of RealizedStudio jewelry creations, while stocks last. **

Traditionally, design concepts and blue prints for jewelry making are drawn by hand with watercolor rendering on paper, the art of realistic jewelry design illustration is called gouache.

RealizedStudio converts the experience of hand-drawn training into digital process, and continue the same art style. Jewelry design image rendered from 3D models by the studio presents an atmosphere of hand-drawn manuscript illustration.

The art is framed with corresponding color to the gemstone and pattern of the design outline, creating a scenario of a painting on the wall of a prosperous wallpaper, showing good blessings and prosperity.

• Paper: Top Ivory White Card 310g
• Dimensions: 105 x 148 mm (A6)
• Printing: Double-sided printing

• Envelope Add-On Options:
- Kraft Plain Envelope
- Red Thick Pound Plain Envelope
- Pearle-scent Golden Heavy Card Envelope
 (Seal stickers are included with all envelopes.)

【 訂購須知 】




  1. 照片皆為實品拍攝,如因銀幕顯示器設定顯色、拍攝環境光線、個人觀感定義不同造成圖片與實體之色差問題,商品皆以實品為主。

  2. 作品有可能同時於其他通路展售,庫存顯示儘量同步更新但僅供參考,可先來信確認。

  3. 配送時間
    台灣本島:郵局包裹 1~3 工作天,超商配取 3~4 天。
    國際快捷:一般約 4~10 工作天。各國家地區之關稅條件規定不同,如衍伸相關額外費用需由買家自理。


【Ordering Notice】

【Shipping Package】

Thick Pound Kraft Plain Envelope to prevent folding.

【Ordering Notice】

  1. Please note that each user's monitor setting differ from one to each other, all creations' photo color might appear slightly differently from the actual item.

  2. This item may be listed for sale at other locations. Please contact us for actual availability before placing orders.

  3. Delivery Time Taiwan Domestic: Parcel Post 1~3 working days. Convenience Store-to-Store Delivery Pickup 3~4 days.
    International EMS: It takes 4-10 working days to deliver, depends on destination. Please note that possible customs duty are not included in the price and shipping fee, extra payment to customs may occur upon arrival in some locations. It is the buyer's duty to clear the tax.

【其他說明 | Notes】

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