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E.YJ Chen | RealizedStudio Jewelry

花漾芙蘿拉 - 925純銀吊墜 / 櫻花墜飾 / 小花吊墜

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NT$ 3,200.00
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NT$ 3,200.00
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NT$ 3,200.00




實體925純銀 (S925)

約 22 x 22 x 7 mm.


A little flower pendant to cheer the day up. Great holiday blessing to your loved ones.The pendant is inspired by sakura blossoms, which symbolizes holiness and persistence.

【Design Ref#】

Solid Sterling Silver (S925)

Approximate 22 x 22 x 7 mm.

【 訂購須知 】


作品收藏卡,保養說明卡,清潔拭銀布,絨布袋及密封袋 ,禮盒,禮袋  


  1. 墜飾類作品訂單不含圖示鍊款,如有需求可另外選購。 選購配鍊
  2. 作品使用國際標準純銀 (S925) 製作,不含鎳,不易過敏。復古銀版本為純銀硫化燻黑效果無電鍍。如選配銀鍊,鍊款為復古氧化純銀無電鍍。標示14K (Au585)、18K (Au750) 之作品或部件皆為實體 K金。作品使用標示之寶石皆為天然寶石,如果配用人造寶石(例如立方鋯晶 CZ)或其他合金配件的作品則會特別註明。
  3. 大地餽贈之天然寶石皆有石紋或內含物,自然美色瑕不掩瑜。每件作品物件為手工製作處理,同款複數作品之間所用之寶石顏色表現、克拉重及等級可能因此而略有差異。照片皆為實品拍攝,如因銀幕顯示器設定顯色、拍攝環境光線、個人觀感定義不同造成圖片與實體之色差問題,商品皆以實品為主。
  4. 作品有可能同時於其他通路展售,庫存顯示儘量同步更新但僅供參考,可先來信確認。如遇已無庫存但物件符合再製條件,訂製時程約15至25個工作天 (不含配送時間)。如果閣下喜歡此作品風格元素,想為自有收藏的寶石訂製相同或類似的設計風格,歡迎來信諮詢。所有訂製或客製品皆於付款確認後才開始安排設計及製作時程 。
  5. 配送時間
    台灣本島:郵局包裹 1~3 工作天,超商配取 3~4 天。
    國際快捷:一般約 4~10 工作天。各國家地區之關稅條件規定不同,如衍伸相關額外費用需由買家自理。


  1. 人體油脂有保護銀體優勢,建議經常配戴。常運動流汗者則要多注意擦拭保養銀飾。
  2. 避免銀飾處於空氣含有硫元素或鹽分高之區域,例如溫泉或海灘。
  3. 銀製品相對其他金屬軟,容易刮傷,應避免和其他金屬碰撞。
  4. 銀製品個別收納於絨布袋或盒中。如長期不用時請於密封袋封存。
  5. 使用中性肥皂和清水沾濕軟布擦拭清潔銀製品。
  6. 純銀飾品可使用拭銀布做擦拭保養,拭銀布可重複使用但不可水洗。電鍍飾品則使用一般軟布擦拭即可。
  7. 如使用洗銀水請謹慎處理,過量可能破壞部分硫化燻黑的藝術表現。

【Ordering Notice】

【Packaging & Gift】

Authenticity Certificate, Daily Use and Care Instructions, Silver polishing cloth, Flannel bag & Airtight bag, Gift Box Package. 

【Ordering Notice】

  1. Chain shown in pictures is not included for pendant orders. Chain necklace options are available to purchase. Chain Necklaces
  2. Our creations are hypoallergenic as they are made of nickel free solid Sterling Silver (S925). Antique Black version is oxidized for style without plating. Add-on silver chain options would come with Oxidized Antique Black only. Creations marked 14K (Au585) or 18K (Au750) are solid gold alloys. All gemstones used in creations are natural gemstones unless further notified (such as lab-made gem Cubic Zirconia accented as diamond substitute).
  3. There might be color variation and natural inclusions which is consider acceptable for natural gemstones, we appreciate the beauty of the unique characters gifted by Mother Earth. Please note that each creation is handmade. As a result, carat weight and stone quantities may differ slightly from one creation to the next. Please note that each user's monitor setting differ from one to each other, all creations' photo color might appear slightly differently from the actual item.
  4. This item may be listed for sale at other locations. Please contact us for actual availability before placing orders. If the item was out of stock and remake option was available, the reproduction period of the item is about 15 to 25 working days (shipping time not included). Custom-order for a similar design with your own gemstones are also welcome, please contact us for quotes and information. All custom-orders and made-to-orders will only be processed after the payment is confirmed.
  5. Delivery Time
    Taiwan Domestic: Parcel Post 1~3 working days. Convenience Store-to-Store Delivery Pickup 3~4 days.
    International EMS: It takes 4-10 working days to deliver, depends on destination. Please note that possible customs duty are not included in the price and shipping fee, extra payment to customs may occur upon arrival in some locations. It is the buyer's duty to clear the tax.

【Appreciate and Care for Silver Jewelry】

  1. It is encouraged to use or wear the silver pieces every day.
  2. When wearing silver, avoid activities in sulfurous or salty air environment, like bathing in hot spring or visiting the beach.
  3. Sterling silver is relatively soft compared to other metal and thus easily be scratched. Avoid silver pieces to crush or rub with other objects.
  4. Store silver jewelry in separate boxes or bags. Store in airtight bags for silver jewelry that are not going to use for a long time.
  5. Use mild soapy water with a soft cloth to clean silver jewelry.
  6. Use a polishing cloth to polish sterling silver pieces. If the item is gold plated, wipe with an ordinary soft cloth instead. 
  7. Pay extra attention to those blackening finish details. Over polishing may cause the artistic finish to be removed.

【其他說明 | Notes】

購物說明 | Shop Guides  寄件配送 | Shipping  尺寸指引 | Size Guides

保養建議 | Care Guides  客製訂作 | Custom-Order  退換政策 | Refund Policy