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Eugene YJ Chen | Jewelry Design Visualization

《The Flourishing Bauhinia》《舞讚紫荊》2018 HKJMA International Jewelry Design Competition - Computer Aided Design Group - Champion.

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《舞讚紫荊》2018 香港 JMA 國際珠寶設計比賽 - 電腦繪圖組 - 冠軍

《The Flourishing Bauhinia》2018 HKJMA International Jewelry Design Competition - Computer Aided Design Group - Champion.

「JMA國際珠寶設計比賽2018」作品集 PDF



“JMA International Jewelry Design Competition” is organized by Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association and HKJE magazine. With the theme “Blossom” this year on its 30th Anniversary, the competition is seeking creativity with open-mindedness and original thinking that contributes to unlimited possibilities. The ceremony of JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2018 was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to announce the final winners. It's our great honor to receive the Champion award out of 18 nominees in Computer Aided Design category this year! We are very thankful for the opportunity and liking from the judges. With the design work 《The Flourishing Bauhinia》, we celebrate and congrats JMA's 30th Anniversary. 
《The Flourishing Bauhinia》, with the help of mechanical structure designed within, the elegant and eye-catching cocktail ring rotates and blooms into a gorgeous Bauhinia blakeana blossom. From dignified and graceful to lively and playful, change the styles to fit the mood! The interesting and dynamic ring design resembles the vitality and spirit of Hong Kong that bring together all the wisdom and energy that refine them into one’s own unique and precious craftsmanship and characteristic.


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