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Eugene YJ Chen | Jewelry Design Visualization

《Whispers of the Horizon》《地平線上的呢喃》2022/23 Dubai AUE, The World Jewellery Design Competition, WADA Awards 1st Edition - Wedding Ring - Second Award

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《地平線上的呢喃》2022/23 杜拜首屆世界珠寶設計競賽 WADA Awards - 宴會戒飾/婚戒組 - 亞軍

《Whispers of the Horizon》2022/23 Dubai AUE, The World Jewellery Design Competition, WADA Awards 1st Edition - Wedding Ring - Second Award

珠寶實體由 Kamyen Jewellery UAE 贊助製作 。Jewelry produced by Kamyen Jewellery UAE.


WAOD 設計學院(The World Academy of Design)位於阿拉伯聯合大公國杜拜,2022年底舉辦了第一屆世界珠寶設計競賽(The World Jewellery Design Competition, WADA Awards),以「自然 – 日出」為主題,指定以祖母綠為主要素材表現「日出時分的自然之美」,開辦多達十幾組珠寶分類的競賽項目。賽程近一年,終於在2023年11月於杜拜舉行的決賽典禮圓滿落幕。這次很榮幸能獲得女士婚戒組亞軍。

這次參與組別 WR3 (婚戒、雞尾酒戒、多指間戒、掌環戒等),經歷第一階段的設計投稿,第二階段的數位建模以及動態影像視覺渲染,最終晉級至前五、準備角逐前三的決賽。非常感謝主辦單位的安排和協助,以及製造商 Kamyen Jewellery UAE 贊助製作,讓設計作品能順利於決賽典禮舞台上實體展示。

WADA Awards大賽官網:https://wadaawards.com/
WADA Awards 2022-23決賽名單:https://wadaawards.com/results/
WADA Awards 2022-23決賽典禮(影片):https://fb.watch/pcYshzHFG7/


Whispers of the Horizon》- Rings Set
The design draws inspiration from the geometric features of classical Arabic architecture. It uses sugarloaf cabochon emerald as the main gemstone to depict the impression of a domed roof, while the design of the guard rings is inspired by the framing style of window lattices. From the side-view, the design of the rings resemble sprouting leaves reaching outward. The combined rings portray the imagery of "the sun rises gradually over the hills, casting sunlight upon the earth." The elegance and solemnity of the design are accentuated by pearls surrounding emeralds, suitable for daytime wear. Adding the guard rings on both sides further enhances the ring's visual appeal, making it a cocktail ring suitable for evening events. The two sets of guard rings are set with diamonds and emeralds for different color schemes, allowing for various combinations according to preferences, symbolizing the moment of transition between night and day, echoing the theme of "moment at sunrise."

The World Academy of Design (WAOD), located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, organized its first edition of World Jewellery Design Competition, WADA Awards, at the end of 2022. The competition centered on the theme "Nature - Sunrise," specifying the use of emeralds as the primary material to depict the beauty of nature at the time of sunrise. The competition comprised over ten categories of jewelry design. After nearly a year-long journey, the grand finals took place in Dubai in November 2023, concluding successfully. I'm honored to have secured the second place in the category of women's wedding rings.
Participating in category WR3 (wedding rings, cocktail rings, multi-finger rings, palm rings, etc.), I went through the first stage of design submissions, the second stage of digital modeling, and video for visual rendering. Eventually, I progressed to the top five and prepared to compete for the top three positions in the finals. I'm immensely grateful for the arrangements and assistance provided by WADA Awards, and the manufacturer Kamyen Jewellery UAE as sponsor, enabling my design to be physically showcased on the stage at the final ceremony.

WADA Awards Official Site:https://wadaawards.com/
WADA Awards 2022-23 Result (List):https://wadaawards.com/results/
WADA Awards 2022-23 Gala (Video): https://fb.watch/pcYshzHFG7/


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